Eunoia Management 

Part of Eunoia Management Limited's mission is to assist New Zealand and overseas publishers, agents, scouts and other professionals in media to connect with opportunities.

Our staff are engaged as publishing consultants by two very large and successful Chinese publishing groups. We have a strategic partnership with one of the most successful and largest Chinese media companies. 

We also travel regularly to major events such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, and a diverse range of overseas markets, where we have a growing number of influential  contacts.

We also have ideas that may help your publishing house move to a different method of doing business using models more suited to our changing world and which may possibly leave you with more time, money, and energy to devote to finding great material and the creative aspects of publishing - something we all want to do. 

If you are a publisher agent or other media professional and believe we may be able to assist you in New Zealand or overseas, please contact us here: