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The Commonwealth Series: Orion Rising

All the promise of a sci-fi classic married to an all-action thriller.

It’s 2080 and Earth’s remaining population is crammed into the last habitable lands on the globe, where two warring factions – the Commonwealth and the Fringes – vie for dominance.

With the rest of the planet a post-apocalyptic wasteland, all food is farmed on vast offshore barges, but it’s scarcely enough. Orion is second officer on the Cassiopeia, one of the many ships that ferries food from the sea-fields to Auckland’s insatiable population. His job made more complicated by the fact that the Cassiopeia’s captain, Danny, is also his father. And the two are barely civil, since his mother’s death 15 years ago. Orion’s life is turned around when the beautiful Samara joins the crew, but any complications which stem from their evolving relationship soon become irrelevant as clues about his mother’s death surface, setting the couple on the trail of her murderer. Their investigation uncovers terrorism on a massive scale as the true extent of the Fringe’s ambitions are laid bare. 

Chard Andrews, Author

Chard Andrews, Author


The Commonwealth Series: Polaris Burning

Eighty years after the Apocalypse Wars, the northern hemisphere and most of the southern is a chemical wasteland.

Cyn was not the first a prisoner of the Polaris Syndicate, to be held in a secret subterranean facility at Cape Horn. She is the first ever to escape. Reaching Indonesia – the heart of the Fringes – Cyn sets out to destroy Astor, head of Polaris, who murdered her family and experimented on her mind. She flees to the Commonwealth, where she meets Bligh, a naval lieutenant in trouble for protesting the maltreatment of an illegal refugee. When a sea-rise is attacked by Syndicate forces and the inhabitants taken, Bligh’s brother Mylas and his childhood friend Alea are among those missing. Bligh believes they’re dead, until Cyn reveals the truth about the Cape, and makes a deal with him to get them back. But neither of them can imagine the horrifying truth at the heart of the Polaris Syndicate.

Chard Andrews

Chard Andrews